1971 Riviera tire size options.

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    I got sick of doing it one at a time and trying to remember

    A year ago 275/60/15 rears & 225/70/15 front:

    Yesterday 275/55/17 & 235/55/17:

    Found out v8buick hates excel but loves pdfs
    View attachment Tire Size.pdf
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  3. crazyjackcsa

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    Nice looking wheels and tires!
  4. TheTaxMan

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    Can you repost a picture of what this ended up looking like if you still have the pic. I just bought a 71 and looking to put new tires on. Thanks!
  5. DaveR

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    I know this is an old thread, but I'm glad the Tax Man has revived it. I have a '71 Riviera. The original 6" rims have 215/75R15 tires, and there is a lot of room in the wheel wells. I'm now switching to some early 1980s 15x7 rallys. I am thinking of putting 255/70R15 tires on the rear, and 235/70R15s on the front. Does anyone think that would be a problem in terms of the width of the 7" rims or space in the wheel wells? Will there be any issues with the 4.25" or 4.5" backspacing on the 7" rims?

    Thanks very much for any thoughts.
  6. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    No problems at all, but did you check the bolt patern on those 80's Rallye wheels?
    Only wagons and Electras (LeSabre: only sedans with the HD package) came with the 5 x 5 rims.
  7. DaveR

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    Yup, I know the problem, because the first set I got did NOT fit--but these do. Thanks!

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