~1972 Core/Drivers Style Front Bumper or Brackets

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    I took this off an old ladies Arizona original 4 door 1972 Skylark, not sure if 71 had the black strips too. Bumper is solid and overall straight, bottom middle looks a little up but not sure on the design. I did not clean it up, surface rust on the lower area looks like it would clean up with polish, price for the core is $160.00 minor dents on the sides. Brackets are $85.00 with what hardware that I can save. or $225.00 complete. I can ship it with Fed Ex ground or Greyhound, guessing the bumper by itself would be around the 80-100.00, brackets 35-40.00. I send an invoice from Paypal for the parts, then once its packaged, then the shipping invoice. I am running about 2 weeks on parts off, super slammed. Joe 602-298-7090

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