1972 Riviera

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    Parts Car - Not Mine: Spotted this at Westside Auto Works in Pasco, WA... Sheet metal is in good shape. Has complete engine, inside pretty well missing, though an employee told me the owner may have the bucket seats. It was floor shifter car... driver's mirror in place and in good shape. Saw front and rear body parts inside the car. I told the owner I would post it here as a parts car. If you are interested, give them a call at five zero nine five four four zero three two five.

    image0.jpeg image1.jpeg image2.jpeg
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    Looks like a Pontiac engine.
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    Good eye, Sir! I see the distributor is in the rear... it appears the peripheral systems are stock. I forgot to check out the rear end to see if it's a posi! I also noticed the cornering lenses are white, while the lenses on my car are amber.
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    I'll check the VIN the next time I'm over there...

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