1972 Skylark Build Sheet Questions

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    Found the build sheet to my Skylark when I pulled the tank out today! Woohoo! It shows the car was ordered through a dealership in Hillsboro, Oregon. (I actually aquired it in 2010 from a guy that lives in Hillsboro.) It’s the only Skylark I’ve seem with Burnished Bronze paint, which was listed as an option for Rivieras in 1972 only. There appears to be some evidence on this sheet that suggests getting that color on this car was a bit unusual. There is a ‘72 Stage 1 that shows up in a Google search. Anyway, I have a couple of questions, if anyone can help. (1) What is a “bbk black stripe”? (2) Does that date of 11-29 70 in the upper left corner seem reasonable? Meaning, could you order a 1972 model in 1970? (3) What color is “code b” for a vynil top? I though it had a tan vynil top when new, but this sheet seems to indicate it was black. (4) Where does it indicate the color of the interior? I’ve always thought it was supposed to be tan like the top, but could be wrong on both. Thanks for any help!
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    (2) 70 is not part of the date, it is the schedule number, so the correct date is 11/29/71
    (3) B is the code for black vinyl top
    (4) Trim 144 = Sandalwood (Covert) cloth with bench front seat (box 77 on build sheet or on cowl tag)
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    1971 does make more sense. Ya, looking at teambuick.com, 144 is covert (sandalwood) cloth and B is for black. Thanks for your help. I guess my only question now is what the black stripe is. Did Buick put pinstriping on Skylarks that year?
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    Just a little bit more info…

    As Sean posted the 70 is a schedule number.

    The 11-29 is the assembly date which is the 4th week of November

    Which matches the 11D on your Fisher Plate (11=Nov. D=4th week).

    The PNT code 77 = Burnished Bronze which is a Riviera only color which ordered on the Skylark is (WD5) extra cost and of course the Vinyl Top code B = Black.
    Therefore the BBK representing a Black Stripe is the standard color used on a Skylark to match the Black Vinyl Top.

    The Body side stripe (W8 Paint Stripe Grouping) follows along the top
    of the body line front fender thru the quarter panel and body center between the wheel wells.
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    Thanks, David! That's some great information. Do you have any data on how many Skylark and GS's were painted with the Burnished Bronze?

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