1972 Skylark Convertible $5500

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    I purchased this convertible a year ago and have been having fun driving it and getting to know about it. Thanks for those of you that have helped answer my questions this past year.
    This past January I had gotten an ear infection. The first one that I can remember in my life (I'm now 50). Unfortunately that has caused a reduction of 70% of my hearing in my right ear. The hardest part is now I can no longer drive with my windows down or drive in the convertible. The pressure of the wind on the ear causes too much pain. This is still being treated and hopefully things improve in the next year, but for now I think it is best to part ways with the Buick.
    I do have a place to store it for the winter so if I do not sell it this fall, I'll keep it to spring and reassess my health at that time.

    1972 Skylark Custom Convertible
    350 2bbl/350 trans open rear end.
    Send me a note with any specific questions or if you want specific pictures.

    Location is west of Milwaukee near Hartland/Sussex.

    More info and pictures here:


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