1974-1975 Skylark Frame Engine Mounts 231 V6

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by concialdi, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. concialdi

    concialdi Member

    Looking for both the Skylark Frame engine mounts for a V6 231 engine.
  2. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    I think I have those. I think the GN are the same?Bruno.
  3. concialdi

    concialdi Member

    Thanks Bruno.

    Sorry I have no idea if the Grand National had the same Frame engine mounts.

    If it helps at all I am swapping out an Olds 260 to a Buick 350 into a 1975 Skylark S/R. The 350 motor mounts and frame engine mounts seem to put the engine too high and forward to bolt up to the tranny. I got a lead from someone on here that I need to use 74-75 mounts for this swap.

    What are you thinking for price with shipping to Redondo Beach, CA 90278?
  4. partsrparts

    partsrparts Silver Level contributor

    Are you saying that you are going to use the v6 frame pads and v8 rubber mounts? If so the v8 rubber engine mounts won't sit down all the way onto the frame pads enough to get the thru bolt in and the v6 rubber mounts are to soft for the weight. You will have to use the v6 poly mounts.
    I have a 76 Skylark that came with the odd-fire v6 and put a 350 into. I have 4 or 5 sets of new 350 rubber mounts of different brands that I tried but didn't work. The v6 mounts where to soft and the engine would drop after a very short time and pass side would sit on upper control arm pivot bolt and drivers side on the headers. The only thing that works with the v6 frame pads is the v6 poly mounts for the GN.
  5. concialdi

    concialdi Member

    Thanks for the response parts.

    I am trying to put a Buick 350 into my 75 Skylark SR (X-Body). The factory engine was an Olds 260. I just do not know what I need to do to make that happen.

    After doing some research it looks like the engine frame mounts might be different from Olds to Buick.

    Any insights?
  6. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    The GN and the V6 are not as tall,but5 klet me look at them,as I hve also the mounts for the 350.Bruno.
  7. concialdi

    concialdi Member

    Thanks for checking Bruno.

    I spend several hours out in the garage today trying to get to the frame pads on my car but to no luck. Looks like I will have to drop the lower control arms to get at them.

    Could you send me pictures of the frame pads for both the V6 and the 350? Even better if they are are still installed. I am still trying to figure out what I need to do for my swap.
  8. No Lift

    No Lift Platinum Level Contributor

    The Olds frame brackets/engine mounts and the Buick frame brackets/engine mounts are not compatable for any reason. I swapped a '75 Skylark from 260 to V6 to 350. I used earlier V6 brackets/mounts. I never had a problem with the enigne dropping down(I had headers too.) but I may have had a little too much "rocking" of the engine because of the soft V6 mounts. Been too long. I know the frame brackets were from an earlier car (<72) so I may have had to drill some new holes to mount to the frame.

    I know this much. Assuming an automatic the transmission should not have to be moved much forward and backward. The trans stays where it is.

    If Bruno doesn't have something I have a set of V6 frame brackets from a '76 Century. Not the same car but I'd bet that they are pretty much the same and at worst you would have to drill some holes. It is always tricky trying to get the frame bracket bolts off/on.

    Check this guy out. Maybe he still has them. They look sort of like what I used. Probably will have to drill holes in the frame cradle but that is not a big job if you have the lower arms down.

    300/340 Motor Mounts and Frame Pads | V8buick.com
  9. partsrparts

    partsrparts Silver Level contributor

    These are the v6 frame pads needed if you can't find the 350v8 ones.Also pics of the poly mounts. Drivers side#1249157, Pass#1249156
    Keith mounts1.JPG

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  10. concialdi

    concialdi Member

    Thanks for the pictures.

    I think the pictures confirm what No Lift was saying about the Olds and Buick frame pads not being compatible. From those pictures it definitely appears that the Olds frame pads are different. The ones in the car now (Olds) are only two bolt.

    Keith: Just to confirm, those pads are positioned back (closer to the tranny) correct?

    So sounds like step one would be getting Buick frame pads, either V6 or 350.

    Let's hope that Bruno has a set of frame pads for me.
  11. partsrparts

    partsrparts Silver Level contributor

    Yes, to the back towards the trans.
  12. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    I was looking for them today,all I could come up with was 2 sets of 350.One set is just a bit taller then the other,but I will have to look some more hoping to find those V6 frame mounts.Bruno.
  13. No Lift

    No Lift Platinum Level Contributor

    Ding, ding. Apparently the '76 Century V6 and the 75 V6 Skylark frame brackets are the same. My one mount has 1249156 and I can make out 57 on the other. Figuring about $15 for shipping so I'll take $30 shipped to Cali. I take PayPal regular, no need for Friends and Family, I'll take the hit. PM if interested.

    1976 Century V6 Frame Brackets 2021-02-16 005.JPG
  14. concialdi

    concialdi Member

    No Lift. Awesome! Thanks for digging these out!

    Bruno: Could you post some pics of the 350 frame pads that you have? You wrote that the V6 and 350 pads are different heights but would that make a difference for my application? I would imagine the 350 might sit too high on the taller pads? But I have no idea.

    I am trying to drop a 350 into my skylark but have heard that the V6 pads will work as well so, hence, this post.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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