1975 Buick Lesabre Convertible

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  1. 3ED0B2EF-9452-4315-BCD6-EA0320245F46.jpeg 1EF67B36-2360-4596-B578-7E6692C1E7E7.jpeg 3C4B22B8-AAC9-4483-B1FD-0751425AD7AC.jpeg B0DDCD3A-7342-4A40-A5E6-9F9415C694BE.jpeg F74E73FC-B0DB-4821-A0AB-23A5E1D98851.jpeg 327F894E-E5BC-4577-AB9C-B51DB623A433.jpeg 06308790-2094-4617-AFD5-6AFEE8CEE5A8.jpeg 608A9CEB-23CA-454A-B6F2-7385E9045DDF.jpeg ECB31A81-473F-41A7-B23A-B20AB539CD64.jpeg BC17FB7E-67FB-46A8-976B-EDA883CD3B52.jpeg AF892B31-DC42-4394-BC4B-147B4B2AEF1E.jpeg C97A4979-BF9E-477F-9AC1-739F367A279F.jpeg Here for sale I have my 1975 Buick Lesabre Convertible. This car has the 350 4bbl. I bought the car from the original owners. I have a binder full of things from the car since new. Starting with original invoices for purchases and going into repairs done over the years.
    The car was repainted in the early 2000’s and does still show very well with the occasional rock chip here and there. Interior was also freshened up in that time period.
    It is a very solid car. There are new brake lines, fuel lines, brakes, front suspension, the air conditioning has been converted to 134. This car can be driven home to wherever but eventually it will need new tires.
    $21,500 or best offer. Located in Antioch IL
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