1993 Haulmark 24' enclosed car trailer for sale

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    selling my old reliable trailer as I've purchased another one with a street side door.

    I've owned this for 14 years and it's work fine for my needs (staggering how many people I've helped move, let alone moving cars).

    1993 Haulmark 24' enclosed car trailer. 3600lb torsion axles. luan panel walls on the inside. some florescent lights and electrical outlets on inside. passenger fender mostly missing due to several tire blowouts in the past. Electrical plug is a little bit of a pain. It needs to be wiggled when plugged into the tow vehicle so lights work. The plug probably really needs to be replaced. No leaks as I recaulked the roof years ago (it wouldn't hurt to check it). Brakes are fine, as I've towed many times this year 4-11 hours one way with no issues, but it wouldn't hurt to check them. Tires have plenty of tread but a couple may be six years old. Spare tire is brand new from a few years ago and never on ground. Some of the exterior running lights, the plastic has deteriorated from the sun.

    $3000. clear title in my name. Happy to answer any questions. (now if I can just figure out how to upload a couple pics)

    email is probably best to contact me

    grp442 at yahoo dot com
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    and a couple pics

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