1st annual Buick Bash at Quaker City Motorsports Park

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by DMoore, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. mrgransport

    mrgransport Well-Known Member

    Hoping weather holds off - looking forward to seeing old friends.
  2. 72 skylark custom

    72 skylark custom Well-Known Member

    Cant wait to see some awesome race cars, and hoping to meet some new friends

    BQUICK Gold Level Contributor

    Is BUICK vs World Buick body and power? Or either?
  4. DMoore

    DMoore Well-Known Member

    That is the gamblers race that we're having on Friday and it is Buick bodied or Buick powered either one
  5. John Stevens

    John Stevens Well-Known Member

    Anybody that is within a days driving distance that didn't show up at this great event, did themselves and the "Buick community" a dis-service. It was a great event put on by a couple great family-s who "put it out there" for us Buick racers/enthusiasts. We the Buick faithfull have to show up at these events to let'm know we are still interested. The turn out wasn't bad for a first time event & of course the weather forecast could have been better but it turned out great. I certainly hope this becomes a yearly event & gains the support that it deserves......... I personally thank the Moore & Csordas families for hosting this event!!!
  6. 72 skylark custom

    72 skylark custom Well-Known Member

    This event was absolutely amazing, i enjoyed myself and had an awesome time both days. I met a lot of awesome racers and buick enthusiasts this weekend and would not have missed this wonderful event for the world, i hope this becomes a yearly event as well because i would definitely come back again next year and many years to come. Thanks to everyone involved in putting this together!! It was awesome!!
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  7. v8regalowner

    v8regalowner Silver level contributor

    Being there definitely inspired me to get my car running again. Spectating is fun but racing again would be better. Thank you for putting it on. I hope it will happen again next year.
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  8. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Great Job guys. Nice to see some old faces.
  9. Gary L244169

    Gary L244169 Well-Known Member

    I do agree this was very good turn out great racing, the swap meet had a lot of good parts for sale.Looking forward to it happing
    next year. Thanks to very one for putting this event on.
    Seeing old friends again is also great.
  10. sriley531

    sriley531 M.M.O.G.

    I'm absolutely bummed I wasn't able to make it. Next year dangit, next year....
  11. mbusher83

    mbusher83 Well-Known Member

    What an awesome Buick event put on by great people! We’ll make the trip from TN again next year, no doubt. Keep up the good work guys.
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  12. Homer

    Homer Active Member

    Our group had a great time, I echo thanks to the Moore's and Csorda's (& all involved) for their efforts putting it on. My lark isn't done, so I at least got to do a couple burnouts (1/8th mile type) in my old Pontiac!
    I have to throw a special thanks out to John and Stan Zerucha, not only for all they've done to help me and my brother, but for taking time out Friday to help him figure out a stumbling Edelbrock Q-jet on his '71 Stage 1 convertible (the Cortez Gold one) that Hutter told him needed a full rebuild. John grabbed Gary Paine and in minutes Gary figured it out, a tweak here, tweak there and a couple of test runs and all was good! I thank you Gary, as does my brother tremendously.
    So, his 12 sec. goal got closer Friday afternoon, with the car running better than it ever has, 13.004. I believe a trip to Norwalk in July will do it (and if he'd stop eating brownie's and drop a few lbs.).
    Great time, great people!!!
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  13. mrgransport

    mrgransport Well-Known Member

    Rick, We all need to quit the brownies. Sorry I missed you and Mitch. I stopped by Saturday around 2:30 an John Z said you had just left.
  14. mrgransport

    mrgransport Well-Known Member

    A big thanks to Denny/Renee and the Csordas' for putting on the event. Hope it continues for years to come. Good to see old friends again.
    Denny, contact me, I owe you money for the event. Ther was no one at the gate to pay when we arrived Saturday.
  15. not fast enough

    not fast enough Well-Known Member

    We had a great time. Thank you very much to those who worked so hard to put this event on. Already looking forward to next year.
  16. Homer

    Homer Active Member

    For sure on the brownies, I hope my fat #*s can still get by the cage!! Mitch only came for Friday, he had grandpa duty that weekend. Wish we could have hooked up!
  17. Thumper (aka greatscat)

    Thumper (aka greatscat) Well-Known Member

    you're welcome, there is more in that carb with more tuning, jets,metering rods,etc. we just got close. I personally prefer a GM quadrajet, 71 -72, it would run quicker. There are a couple Qjet gurus on the board here that could build a killer carb for you tuned for your combo.
    John Z. did a great job building that 12 sec.streetable motor, takes a lot of torque to move that barge of yours. I love the car,what a great cruiser.Congrats.
  18. Mitch Sias

    Mitch Sias New Member

    Not giving up brownies or my diet beer(
    (Bud light) May cut back on salad dressings.
    Awesome time. Thanks John and Stan Zerucha for all the help with my car and for dragging Gary Paine over to “Fonzie” my stumbling quadrajet with his magic. Owe all three of you a great debt of gratitude. Just downright good people.
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