2 ‘72 Skylarks for sale

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by buickman69, Nov 5, 2022.

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    BB598301-5E19-4002-ACF4-5A060C6A7721.jpeg 3C002E67-80DB-42FB-8251-646B01C40C9B.jpeg 5FFE3B22-F837-47F8-AA8C-2D0BD36FFBF3.jpeg 447A2749-B18C-4D77-8BCD-84BB366E99A9.jpeg 1542D7D2-A532-411D-81E4-2B886174A983.jpeg 0A2773B6-F275-4DDF-9CE8-C55D99064DD7.jpeg CC931E31-29A7-4081-AB46-ED28E21D4632.jpeg 232E239B-CCEE-4D95-95D3-44BA5FE2BA54.jpeg C0ED2BED-CAFE-4572-8F76-75BA96AD94D1.jpeg 8A310589-ED12-43C9-A0EA-575A3C912325.jpeg 3DC7194A-986F-4027-98D1-699CB8A8FA26.jpeg F0F6B01C-3CF2-4D03-90C8-5B746976143C.jpeg Parts cars, race cars or resto them. No titles!
    The brown car the doors are sealed/ frozen.
    Haven’t been opened in years. The keys are in the ignition.
    The yellow car is a parts car and comes with all 4 Buick Motor Division Hubcaps. Last tagged in 2004 in TN per the license plate.

    Both are 350 Buick engines.
    There are 2 ( I think) GS seats that can go with em that are in the barn.

    $899 or best offer.
    Located just south of Bowling Green in Franklin KY
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  2. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    Is the asking price for the pair or each. I’m semi local
  3. buickman69

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    For both cars total :)
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