2003 GSE Rules

Discussion in 'GSE Street Eliminator Series' started by Jeff Hart, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. GS Kubisch

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    GSP is now a 3400 lb min.

    Now I need to start gettin in the ear of some of the potential racers of this class.
  2. Bobb Makley

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    I was speaking to Jim W when I made that post. As far as the class not showing we have spoken a couple of times on this. I cannot force the racers to show up at the race. As far as reimbursing you for the money spent I ask. With what, GSE as a class has no budget. I never asked for or got any money back as far as I know, but I will ask my wife when she returns home and if I did thank you but I told you to keep it several times. As I told you previously I made a bunch of calls and was able to get 5 guys that would have come but you decided that it would be in your best interest to cancelled the class. Which I do understand. If you wish to discuss this more I would be happy to in private e-mails or in person. But I do not feel that this board is the place to do it.
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