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    As most of you know we are a non profit Car Club. Our payouts are based in part by Donations from Vendors and the amount of people going thru the gate. More people bigger payouts. The past few years we have had a lot of donations and payouts were great, but as the economy and cost of doing business these days get more expensive the donations this year are down. Most Donors wait until the last minute to figure out what they are doing. I have many phone calls to make to them as they tell me to contact them this week. We have many gift Certificates towards payouts but we will not know until the event to know exactly what they are. I have asked but most are being brought to the event. We will have cash payouts at the event based on what we take in at the gate and last minute donations. It costs the BPG almost 30K to host an event not including payouts. So here are the cash payouts we can guarantee at this time.

    Finish Line Furious Four $1000 to Winner sponsored by Finishline Motor Sports.
    King of the Hill $2000 to Winner sponsored by Cunningham Snipes Motorsports.
    BCO $500 1st $250 2nd
    B1 $500 1st $250 2nd
    B2 $500 1st $250 2nd
    Q16 $500 1st $250 2nd
    xTSM secured own payouts BPG may contribute based on gate and Race Class size
    THS secured own payouts BPG may contribute based on gate and Race Class size

    There are numerous Gift Certificates from Vendors such as TA Performance... HR PartsNStuff...Full Throttle Speed....Kirban Performance...to be added to the purse.

    The BPG hopes to add to these payouts but we need to cover expenses and be able to continue for next year.

    I am looking forward to the Event and am looking forward to seeing everyone.
  2. gbsean

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    Cunningham Snipes Motorsports. upped purse to $2000
  3. Skyhawk

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    The Northeast GS/GN Club is in for $500 & the East Coast Regionals Event at Cecil is in for $250. If we could get a nice response on here as to how many members will be attending the Cecil event I maybe able to get a few more dollars. Let's hear it people. Who's coming to the next big event after the BPG?
  4. nick rabi

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    I'll be there..

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