2020 GSX Reunion

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    you have to go all the way to the end of the page.
    Friday Car Show Finale' Schedule - May 14, 2021.

    8:00 am - 9:30 am Car Show sticker purchase and entry into the show field for all cars.
    3:00 pm Judging Concludes. Car Show Results posted at bottom of tower at 4:00 pm.
    4:45 pm Car Show Class participants report to the drag strip staging lanes 1-4.
    5:30 pm Awards Presentation begins on the drag strip, near front of tower.

    Beech Bend Aerial View of Circle Track.

    Friday CAR Show Sticker are $25 per car. And placed on the driver side head light before
    entering the circle track area. Park show cars facing the Sun in the morning.

    Super 16 SS/S16 Race Car Display will be part of Friday Car Show
    9:00 am - 11:00 am on the Drag Strip.

    Friday Car Show Classes. Only Rule - Must Be Buick!
    (Class A - I and Class N are in Oval Track Area. 1st and 2nd place awards)
    Class A: 1965 - 1969 GS Hardtop
    Class B:
    1970 - 1975 GS Hardtop
    Class C:
    1965 - 1972 GS Convertible
    Class D: 1965 - 1975 Buick Street Machine Any Mods.
    Class E: 1962 - 1987 Best Buick Racecar w/Current Event Time Slip.
    Class F: Turbo Regal Stock (up to 3 visible but subtle mods).
    Class G: Turbo Regal Modified
    Class H: 1988 - Present Stock Regal GS or Riviera FWD up to 3 mods **
    Class I: Survivor Class - Any Buick Model, Any year (Top 12 Gold; Top 6 Silver)
    Class J: 1965 - 1975 Concours / Restored GS/GSX (400 points). Gold & Silver.
    Class K: 1982 - 1987 Concours / Restored GN/GNX/T-R (400 points).
    ** Class J & K are Concours / Restored Show Cars (400 Pts) located by GS Nationals Tent
    Class N: Non GS, Non GN, Buick Powered Any Model, Any Year Vehicles.
    ** Minimum. 6 cars required for Class H and Class N ("N" = Added for 2021).

    1970 Buick GS & GSX Reunion Car Show Display (Circle Track)
    ** Wednesday - Saturday Circle Track Area. Car Show Display areas are in blue on event map 2.
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    Thanks! I scrolled to the end but missed that.
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    I will say, and this is by no means directed towards you personally, as I said the same back in '17 after not attending the Nationals for 20 years, that the car show part seems to be an afterthought (one indication merely being where the show classes are placed on that page) but it has always been a racing centered event so...

    Very few people, including many receiving awards, hang around that late for the awards yet people are willing to trailer their cars hundreds or even thousands of miles to display them. Most don't do it for the awards so fair enough however IMHO the awards should begin @ 4:00 when results are posted and ea. car receiving one should be allowed to make a timed pass if desired but by 5:30 the track crew is putting everything away.

    Then racing can then resume if desired & if time allows. Give the show cars an hour of respect in lieu of the racing. Also, the circle track area should be off limits to racing during the show on Friday and the Concours class should be located w/in the circle track area and not in the grass along the access roads where it would be too easy for something to happen and for a car to get damaged. It would also seemingly make judging them easier. Finally, IMHO, there should also be a specially designated parking area (maybe where the Concours cars would be if moved) for people who bring their non show-worthy cars so everyone can view all of those cars as well in one area instead of them being scattered about.

    Maybe I'm off base here. If so, I'll apologize in advance. It's a culture that IMHO has existed regarding the Nationals for a long time and isn't fair to those showing their cars.
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  5. Roberta

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    Ok last chance if you are bringing your 1970-1972 GSX to the GS Nationals in a few weeks and have not let me know or registered, please let me know asap, need to make sure we have room for everyone and where they want to be, concours, peer judged, display only or survivor, we also will have some guests from Hagerty that want to do an article for their Drivers Club Magazine which is way cool. Looking for responses from Duane Heckman, Ken Lisk, James Lumb, Rick Miller, Richard Teague, Bill Van Matre, Chuck Rosa and some others that I think are coming, like Mike T and P Vilser. Everyone that brings their GSX will get a commemorative license plate for the event as well as other goodies as long as they last. email me at buickracerATcomcast.net
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    I’ve been coming to the GS Nats for about 35 years missing only a very few. And, I applaud those dedicated few over the years, who have lent their time and love for our Buick’s towards making the Nats a great event.
    But I too have felt that the show winners haven’t received enough love when they are announced at the starting line late in the day. The gathering of people observing the awards has been small in comparison to the number of spectators observing the race program earlier.
    I can’t offer a solution but it would be nice if many more folks could witness their victory pass down the 1/4 mile for all the hard work it took to make them show winners.
    Looking forward to another fine Nats in BG this year.
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    On the phone with Duane right now...he is not going to be able to attend.
  8. rkammer

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    Sorry to hear that. Hope he's OK.
  9. Duane

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    I’m fine,
    Getting my second shot tomorrow. Neither myself or the car is ready so it will have to be another year.

    Too much going on right now.
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    Sorry to hear that. Hope Jodie is doing well. Will miss seeing you guys.

  11. gsxnut

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    Will miss seeing you and the GSX at the event. The only other color I really would like to own is blue.

    Take Care

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    Do we have a count on how many GSX are anticipated to be at the event?

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  13. Roberta

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    68 but I expect a few more as I think there are a few that never registered. 39 Saturn Yellow, 19 Apollo White, 10 '71-72.
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    Awesome. Thanks Roberta. See everyone in a few days. Safe Travels.

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    I did my best, but #277 won't be attending. Every time I made progress, something else reared it's head and I was farther behind than when I started.
    Now, if only there was a LeSabre Grand National class...
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    Bring the LeSabre Grand National. I would love to see it
  18. Roberta

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    Class N: Non GS, Non GN, Buick Powered Any Model, Any Year Vehicles.
  19. Stage2

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    It's my daily driver so it'll be there!
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    Do you have an official count of GSX at the event? I think I counted 60 on Friday between the display, concourse, survivor and other show classes.

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