3" exhaust system for an x body?

Discussion in 'Inquiries' started by mysky76, Feb 26, 2010.

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    hi i just dropped some coin last week with you guys i am going to be ordering the shorty headers you have for my 1976 skylark...x body. what part number do you recommend using for the 3" exhaust system... i dont need mufflers. just the pipe kit. to work with my combo... i asked the other day on the phone and the sales lady seemed a little confused about that because of my particular car. lmk and i will forward the information to my fellow x body enthusiasts.

    ps... combo is 455 with an overdrive auto trans... either a 700r4 or 2004r
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    I bought the generic 2.5" Summit Exhaust kit with two summit mufflers. The are made to bolt to long tube headers, and they fit so-so over the rear axle, actually they'd probably fit fine if I had some good welding skills to build proper exhaust brackets.

    T/A sells some down pipes for the shorty headers that connect to them.

    The Exhaust sitting on the ground (next to what I had on there with the Centurion Engine, LOL!)

    Here are the down pipes. I have no idea what the part numbers were (or application) as I got these from a fellow buick enthusiast that had them laying around. I think they were for a riviera, and I had the collector's welded on there.

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