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Discussion in 'V-8 Buick Powered Regals' started by rtanner68, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Ok, I bought an '86 Regal 307. The AC & smog pump are missing. I want to keep them off, and with that is the A/C equiped pully set up- balanced system that now squeals with the lack of counter balance on the right bank. I need the pully set up for non a/c cars. Its the p/s belt that is the squealer, and I want to delete p/s too- only its the belt that drives the center pulleys. So, I know I need the passenger side mounted alternator brackts- but what else do I need? Really need to change this over, as I miss driving her in a proud manner. :)

  2. steve covington

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    I have never seen any of the G-bodies with the OLDS 307 that did NOT have power steering; Nor have I seen one with PASSENGER side alternator. The G-bodies that have passenger side alternators have been BUICK engined (3.8/ 231; 4.1/252; swapped in BUICK 350 using 3.8 brackets). You MAY be able to find and older OLDS 350 engine with the brackets you desire, but no guarantees as to fitting in a G-body... You also will need to get a manual steering box and pittman arm (from manual steer S-10 p/u, I THINK***).
    Looking for a lot of Jury rigging at best. Try FIXING the problem, not creating more problems.
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    I went through this a few years ag with a winter beater I bought. The PS belt was the only belt that went around the waterpump, and the altbelt drove off the water pump. The AC compressor was seized, so I was screwed. The car had cronic overheat and charging issues. You'll have to replace the AC compressor or source a whole new system. I tried Everything..

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