350/400-430-455 Cylinder Head Heat Crossover Plug Kits

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  1. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    Hey guys,

    I've seen a few posts over the past couple of months in regards to people trying or wondering how to plug the heat crossover ports in their iron cylinder heads. To make this process simpler, we've created a heat crossover plug kit for 350 and 400-430-455 heads. The kit consists of 4 freeze plugs that you drive into the heat crossover ports in the cylinder head. Usually the plugs go in pretty tight but if they seem to go in a little easy, we recommend taking a punch and punching the corners of the port to swedge the plugs in place, just to be safe (see attached picture).

    TA 1517X 350 Heat Crossover Plug Kit ................ $6.00
    TA 1518X 400-430-455 Heat Crossover Plug Kit .... $6.00

    ...TA 1517X......TA 1518X...Plugs Installed...
    TA 1517X.jpg TA 1518X.jpg Plugs Installed.jpg
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  2. Nothingface5384

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    thats whats up

    cheap and easy
  3. stubnosebrock

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    Do you guys still sell these? I couldn't find them on the website.
  4. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    Yep, Page 108 in the catalog.
  5. sobitthen

    sobitthen Member

    I do see it in your catalog and tried to search by the number found to order a set, but results said nothing found...
    Otherwise what size plugs do we need, I am certain I could go to a local parts store and buy these separate and plug those for upcoming B4B intake swap.
  6. Paul Stewart

    Paul Stewart Well-Known Member

    Is the picture the final product, or do you still need to fill after install?

    Thank you!
  7. sobitthen

    sobitthen Member

    I had bought my own plugs and been running the car for a couple years and was wondering why was my performance that of an old tired SBC...
    I came back to find member who had heads for sale and am now wondering, did these plugs come out, is that why I am suffering with poor performance with all these upgrades.. Trying to look through posts to find member from around Eau Claire WI area who sold model cars, he told me he had some heads...
    but I would stake every plug in case those under the intake, in the center, come out.. I would expect it to pop, and it wastes a gasket in the process, to find out if they are leaking...
  8. Paul Stewart

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