350 & 400-430-455 Reproduction HEI Distributor

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    Hey everyone, we now carry a reproduction HEI distributor for the 350 and 400-430-455 engines. This is a great upgrade from stock Points or as an alternative to a Mallory or MSD distributor and coil which costs $120+ more than this unit.

    This replacement HEI distributor features high quality brass terminals (not cheap aluminum terminals that corrode) and a protective plastic dust cover that encapsulates the upgraded, high output 65,000 volt coil. A new cast-aluminum housing featuring a machine polished finish contains new bushings, main-shaft assembly, and a hardened steel gear. This distributor comes with a performance timing curve which features 22 of mechanical advance that starts at 1000 RPM and is in by 3400 RPM. TA recommends setting the initial timing at 12 degrees with a total timing of 34). Includes high-output module, centrifugal advance components, and adjustable vacuum advance canister. Available with a black, red or clear cap (special order).

    Part Nos.
    TA 690 B/C/R 350 Reproduction HEI distributor ............................. $229.95
    TA 691 B/C/R 400-430-455 Reproduction HEI distributor ................. $229.95

    TA 690B, TA 691B.jpg TA 690R, 691R.jpg
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