350 G Body Headers

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  1. MrSony

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    Ik there is a few of you running headers in a 350 G body setup. What brands? How's the fitment? Been looking at hooker super comps.
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  2. 1987Regal

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    Mine were claimed as Poston 1 3/4 headers (i bought them used). they look just like hooker super comps. The driver side if I remember correctly takes a little bit of hammering by the motor mount and I had to do some to fit my column shift linkage. The passenger side I would have to look, I took a little bit off the frame by the control arm mount and I use a 3 inch cutting wheel on the headers and tweaked them a bit enough to clear . If I did it again I think I would use 1 5/8 just because I really don't think I need the 1 3/4 but the price was right. 1 5/8 will give you more room I think to play with. I thought about wrapping them ,considering in the summer when I'm running the car down the highway with AC on and stop after a while there's a lot of engine compartment Heat. Maybe it's just me. Josh
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  3. 1987Regal

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    Driver side, sorry this took so long I've been really busy with work and helping out my dad with harvest. If you known as the column shift area I had hammerd in to work and by mount. Except the first picture is the passenger side

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  4. 1987Regal

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    Passenger side

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  5. 1987Regal

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    I'm located 30 miles about straight west of Dubuque 50 or 60 miles east of Waterloo 1 mile off U.S. 20. If you're in the area and you'd like to check it out for ideas or thoughts let me know.
  6. RIVI1379

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    Maybe, just maybe TA will do up some G-body headers with the new heads, I think that demand might be there now ...

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