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    either he knows he is selling a heaver valve then stock and does not tell anyone or worse yet does not even know him self that the valve is a lot heaver then stock. ask him and find out. the machine shop should tell you if you need new guides and if your valve stems are out of spec. might just need new valve seals. since the intake valves which is the only valves that has valve seals and they are leaking. seems like if the valve guides are worn the exhaust valve would show some kind leaking too. like f 85 said my point was your valve springs might be weak and should be replaced. to put all back together and then have a miss from a weak and old valve spring. the heaver valve will put more pressure on your old valve springs to not have enough spring pressure.
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    He says his new valves are not heavier.
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    well that is a good thing, glad he changed them to lighter ones.
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    I have another question it seems different to bolt down the alternator bracket with the head bolts on my 63 Cat with the aluminum bracket. It seems to me that there should be a head bolt with a stud on those two. What is the concenses on wheather or not to put sealer on the bolts going into water jacket. I noticed that they didn't have sealer on them when removed.
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    The thick aluminum alternator bracket gets longer head bolts, not the standard length ones!
    The bolt/studs are used for the stamped steel power steering brackets.
    Yes, put sealer on bolts that go into water. There are only three in the center row that see water.
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    Also, there are two bolt/studs that go to the rear of the head. One on each side for the grounds to the firewall.
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    Thats how it was when I took it apart, good to know for sure
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    Thought I should give you an update. Engine back to gether and running good and no smoke. It was the valve guides.
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