62 LeSabre drives in L and R, but will not move in D

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  1. Good afternoon All,

    First off, I know these trannies are single speeds. I am familiar with how they work, but am completely stumped by what my new to me car is doing. I bought her 5/23, and have replaced plugs, wires, coil, fuel pump, changed oil, verified the trans is full of fluid. We tuned the carb last night and dialed in the timing. She is running amazingly well! When you move the shift lever from P past N to D, nothing happens. It will not roll backwards, but when given throttle, does nothing but raise the rpms. I will move very well in L, and I have had it up to 35 in L, as I am very hesitant to push it over that speed in fear of damaging the clutches.

    With that said, has anyone ever heard of a Dynaflow not driving in D, but will drive in L and R? If you have heard of this, what could be the culprit? I am trying to avoid dropping the trans if at all possible.

    Thanks guys!

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    Two things come to my mind. 1) The high accumulator is not operating correctly. 2) The direct drive clutch pak is defective, whether the disks are worn, or the annular piston seal is shot. Since you have L and R, the first thing I would check is to see if you have pressure at the high accumulator. (Each accumulator should have a port for a gauge to be installed at). If you have pressure when in D, then it sounds like the clutch pak is bad. That will require pulling the transmission and rebuilding.

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