63 401 water pump ac non ac difference

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  1. What is the difference between a ac and non Ac water pump on a 63 401/425?
  2. telriv

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    3 blade impeller as opposed to a 5 blade impeller for an A/C car.
  3. Thanks! I couldn’t see why there would be much difference between them. Now I know!
  4. telriv

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    ALSO the 5 blade impeller has a larger bearing on the end so "should" last longer. Some say that if you install a 5 blade where a 3 blade should be the engine will overheat. In my experience I don't believe this is true. I know non A/C cars because of the pulleys & design that the water pump spins at .9 engine speed whereas the A?C version spins at 1.1 times engine speed. It ALL has to do with the pulleys.

    Tom T.

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