63 Tempest 421 Wagon

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    I saw this car when it was being restored. It was sold new where my mom bought her wagon when I was a kid. Great times going to the dealership when the Trans Am was the most awesome car in America.
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    Yeah, I believe it was found in a storage unit. They picked it up for some rediculois price & statred checking it over & found out it was this race car.
    So COOL to see it fully restored.

    Tom T.
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  4. 442w30

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    Stop posting **** like this! Now I am searching the interweb for 1963 Tempest Wagons!!!!
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    Blame my buddy from High School auto mechanics that had me linked to it lol. Knowledge is power and boy o boy imagine the “power” if you stumbled across this wagon or similar for a giveaway price:)
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    A&W Friday night looking for Victims LOL.

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