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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by rlsscarroll, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Hello All, I am hoping someone can help me with an interior question on my 1964 Wildcat. I purchased the car a year ago and the car was completely torn down by the previous owner. At this time, I now have it running and driving, replaced the truck and front floor boards, completely torn down the dash and painted, repair wires, replaced vacuum lines, and replaced the duck work for the A/C system. Now it’s time to move on the over parts of the interior. The question I have is,

    · The headliner that was in the car was in five pieces/panels (no bows) and they were wrapped in vinyl. Is this correct or should it be wrapped in a cloth material? Are the panels correct or should it be the bow type headliner?​

    · Does anyone know a place I can purchase seat cover and other inferior components for my car so I can install it myself?​

    Thanks for taking to read my post

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    www.smsautofabrics.com for the original fabrics. They will send you a sample. Have the covers made locally from the original fabric. Another option would be to drive from Cabarrus County to Wilkes County and drop you seats off at Jenkins: http://www.jenkins-interiors.com/.
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    Thanks, I will check the links out.
  4. SpecialWagon65

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    Those headliner panels were covered in an open cell foam. That stuff disintegrated and covering with vinyl seems like a common fix.
    Right now I have my 65 Wildcat getting restored at Then and Now in Marietta GA. He has been working tirelessly trying to duplicate the original
    style headliner...I'll be going to see this later in September hopefully to pick up the car.. Mark Reeves @ 404-642-1729
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    There were at least 2 levels of interiors in 64 Wildcats. The lower level interior was same as or very similar to the LeSabre and had a vinyl headliner. The higher level interior had the foam headliner as Ted described. Post your trim number from the trim tag.
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    Roger, I agree with the post re SMS as they have a great selection. However, don't assume you have to buy from them as they get $65 and up per yd of vinyl. My local shop matched my 68 Wildcat seats with their own supplier at $30. In fact, I think it might have been a tad closer than the SMS sample. I'm not sure about your 64 but Legendary Interiors and other common interior suppliers don't typically offer pre-made seat covers for less popular cars like ours. However, they may have the foam buns as many of the seats frames themselves are the same across the Fisher bodies (e.g 64 Impala)
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    Thanks again everyone for some guidance. It's been a struggle to put everthing together. Attached will be some information that was shared with me recently and I thought I would pass it on.


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    Pics are too small to be useful.
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    flynbuick. See is this works

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