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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by Matt D, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I have a 64 LeSabre convertible. I have a complete console from a 64 Wildcat (tach, shifter, linkages, trans cross member and a floor shift tilt steering column). I want to do a complete change out. The operating arm on the ST 400 is different for a column shift and a console shift. Has anyone made this change out before? How did you accommodate adapting the linkage to the column shift trans 'arm'? Do you have pictures? What did the hole in your floorpan look like?

    BTW - I also have a spare floor shift tilt steering column and a spare console with tach if anyone wants to buy the setup. Make me an offer.

    Thanks for your help.

    Matt D
  2. chriswildcat

    chriswildcat 63 Wildcat conv.

    Here's a picture of the floor cut out (1964 Wildcat). I can tell you that the linkage holes were cut out with a torch in 63 & 64. I guess the low volume of console equipped cars in 63 & 64 did not warrant a separate floor stamping. I parted this car out in 2004.


    100_0392.jpg .
  3. Matt D

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    Thank you. I have seen 1 other Wildcat floorpan that had a console. Very similar, I was thinking I was going to grind out the hole. The rubber boot and hold down I had were shabby so I bought a universal shifter boot from Summit and I was going to cut the hole to match the new boot. In any event I'll get to this project over the next few weeks.

    Thanks again,
    Matt D

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