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  1. joedonna117

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    hsve decided to go ahead and put the 4 barrel manifold on my 300 have a carter 4453 S which I can rebuild. My question is best way to get manifold back in shape to paint pretty rusty. Thanks in advance! Joe
  2. TrunkMonkey

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    I used "feed grade" molasses and a 10 gallon fish tank. to de-rust my 65 GS exhaust manifolds.

    Cost: $14 bucks and used the stuff for years. (much cheaper than Evapo-rust, but the same process of chelation and changing surface to iron sulfide) And you can dispose of it with no concern to the environment. (It has what plants crave! It's got electrolytes!)

    Poured in the 1 gallon molasses, filled almost to top with water (for displacement)

    Had cleaned and degreased them first, plopped them in and let them set a week.

    Pulled them out and pressure washed them, then used "Prep-All and a heat gun to dry them so they did not flash rust. Then sprayed them with Ospho, let them set 30 minutes, and then sprayed them with Ospho again to get them wet and wet brushed Prep-All again.

    That prevented any rust.

    Heat dried them and shot them with cast iron VHT, and then shot matt over that.

    Have had them on for several years and about 10k miles (I drive all year round as an almost daily driver and lots of highway miles)

    They still look about the same. (lighting is different, the first is daylight, the second is warm LED bulbs in my garage lighting.

    New paint.



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  3. philbquick

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    It's a good idea to drill out the rivets and remove the heat shield so you can clean under it properly. You can then drill the rivet holes with a #7 drill and tap the holes 1/4 20 to bolt the shield back on. Weather you use chemistry or media to remove the rust stuff will get stuck in there and mix with your oil.
  4. joedonna117

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    Thanks for the info going to try and get some molasses and try this I'll also remove the heat shied would not have thought of that.
  5. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Make sure it is "natural" (not unsulfered) . :)
  6. joedonna117

    joedonna117 Member

    Ok went to Agway found molasses took off heat shield degreased pressure washed and have it soaking, I'll let it go till next weekend.

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