'65 Gran Sport 4 Speed Shifter

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by '65softtop4, Oct 26, 2023.

  1. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    Removed from my '65 Gran Sport. Lever chrome is in great shape, mechanism needs new bushings.
    As Pictured, $475.00 plus shipping.

    IMG_1618.jpg IMG_1613.jpg IMG_1616.jpg IMG_1614.jpg IMG_1615.jpg IMG_1617.jpg
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  2. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    Although '65 Gran Sport parts are harder to find than ever, those parts aren't bringing the same prices they were a few years back.
    Seems the beauty of the '65 - '67 Gran Sport has aged out to the more popular "looks like every other GM midsize " '68 - '72 .
    $400.00 for the sifter.
  3. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    Time for all the surplus parts to go.
    $300.00 for the shifter listed here plus shipping. I have all types of parts that are going some place, either trash or someplace where needed.
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  4. got_tork

    got_tork Well-Known Member

    Any chance you have front wheelwell moldings?
  5. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    I have 3 wheel opening moldings. missing the pass rear one
  6. Super Bald Menace

    Super Bald Menace Frame off oil changes

    Sending you a pm
  7. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    Also have a set of really nice '65 Gran Sport rear lights.
  8. marxjunk

    marxjunk Well-Known Member

    Any other 4 speed parts?
  9. Lz65gs

    Lz65gs Well-Known Member

    Pm about rear lights
  10. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    The chrome on this shifter is really nice. $300.00 plus shipping.
  11. '65softtop4

    '65softtop4 Well-Known Member

    4 speed Gran Sport shifter still available.

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