'65 Skylark 2bbl - fuel pump giving too much gas

Discussion in 'Other' started by BuickGS65, May 14, 2011.

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    300 V8 2bbl Rochester carb

    So I hadn't started my original '65 Skylark in a while. I fired it right up and then gas started overflowing from the carb. I thought I had a stuck float or needle, so I disconnected the fuel line from the carb and started the car again (in hopes that the dirt would get sucked down). When I started the car again, it looks like it is the fuel pump becuase the fuel pump filled up a water bottle with gas in about 5 seconds. So is it a bad fuel pump? What would cause the fuel pump to pump so much gas? Am I missing something or just replace the fuel pump?

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    I think it is your carb. I cranked my v6 over on revolution with the fuel line off and it squirted gasoline at least 18 inches in the air. Those things can put out a lot of fuel. They are supposed to only hold a specific amount of pressure in the fuel line to the carb, but you would need a gauge to know if it was creating too much pressure. I'd blame the floats in the carb. Try the easy stuff first, Old fashioned way, tap the carb lightly and see if the floats decide to float. If not, remove the top and check it out. I really would be surprised if it is your fuel pump. I am sure someone will chime in with how to check the fuel pump and the amount of line pressure it is creating.
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    Float was stuck! THANK YOU

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