65 with sport wheel, horn button and adapter

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    I’m looking for ideas for a nice looking horn button and adapter to put this 6 bolt wheel on my 65.
    The original wheel is cracked, this one is slightly smaller. I drive it a lot, it’s lowered, disc brakes etc.

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    I have done just that. I have done it 2 ways. Both times it was on tilt columns. I am sure you know that 65 column is a small diameter column than some of the later years. The first picture I posted is of a wheel I put on a 66, which is the same column as a 65. It is a tilt column. The adapter I used here is for a 67/68 Camaro (The Camaros had a wood wheel option and the hub is for that application and is available from most Camaro supply houses.) As you can see the hub is a tiny bit larger than the 66 tilt column, but is close enough to please me.

    The second picture is of a 65 Skylark with the original tilt column. I used a reproduction hub for a 65 Chevelle with a wood wheel option here. The 65 Chevelle hub does not have a "notch" for the overlap third spoke on normal Buick sport wheels. To use the 65 Chevelle hub you would need to cut your own notch in the hub I have mentioned. OR you could figure out how to space the wheel up enough on to sit level on the hub. In the picture #2, if you look closely, the 65 Chevelle hub I used seems to me to be just a very minor amount "smaller" than the column. But there again it was close enough to please me. The picture taken here is with an Olds 4 spoke wheel which I used for a little while (the Olds 4 spoke wheel does not have an overlap so it sits perfect on the 65 Chevelle hub) When I got around to it I got a 3 spoke wheel for this car, I made a spacer so it would sit flat on the 65 Chevelle hub and used it until I sold the car. I still have the Chevelle hub and would sell it to you if you like.

    All the horn parts and horn buttons for the Buick and Chevelle 3 spoke wheels (as well as the Olds 4 spoke wheels) interchange with the 2 hubs mentioned.

    I know this is a lot of stuff to get all at once. Please, if you think it easier, send me a PM with your phone number and we can talk on the phone.

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