66 skylark buick 300 AC system questions

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by poiz87, Mar 22, 2021.

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    Hey guys. Piecing together the last half of the AC system for my 66 skylark with a buick 300 motor. Everything is original, so I plan to go back to the near stock components but with the updated r-134 refrigerant. I have a few questions before I buy the remaining parts (condenser, compressor, and hoses/fittings):

    1. I do not have any of the lines and fittings for the AC system. Where are you guys getting your lines made and fittings for the components? In particular, the stock compressor has o-ring press fittings that are secured with a back plate and 1 bolt. Are these fittings easy to find or should I go with an aftermarket compressor that has more readily available AN/coupler twist lock fittings?

    2. I havent been able to find an exact replacement for the condenser. Is there a similar condenser you guys use that would match the original condenser in terms of size and inlet/outlet ports so the refrigerant line fittings would match?

    3. Are there known components that I can mix and match from other 66/67 style GM vehicles? Because chevelle, GTO, and other similar makes/models have readily available compressors, condensers, etc.

    Just trying to figure out the simplest way of piecing together this AC system without gutting the old system and buying complete aftermarket setup.

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