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Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by ricknmel67, Oct 5, 2003.

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    I met with Tom Miller today and recieved a bunch of parts from him for free (plus gas and toll fees for 6+ hours of driving in Mels 71GS). Anyways... I planned to "pass the torch" and give away a bunch of the stuff I don't need and/or want from his batch. While I was snapping pictures in my garage tonight, I grabbed some of my own stuff I've been hanging onto too. So I'll be posting a bunch of threads here tonight (and they'll all start with this boring blurb), and all the parts are free plus actual shipping unless otherwise noted.

    <b>Please post IN THIS THREAD if you want the part, and then email me your address to ricknmel@woh.rr.com
    No PM's please. The PM box gets too full, too quick.
    Simple instructions:</b>
    1-First post in this thread reserves this part for you.
    2-Please do not sell these parts. If you don't use them for yourself, give them away!
    3-Email me your shipping address and I'll get it sent out via USPS.
    The shipping cost will be right on the package.
    4-Mail me a check for the shipping amount after you recieve the parts.
    If you'd rather pay via paypal, please add $1 to cover the paypal fees

    OK.. so on to the part for this thread.......

    Not sure what this bracket is for, but assume it's a 67 piece?

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