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Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by 67BS4DHT, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Have a 1967 Buick Skylark
    4D HT with a 340-4 engine.

    Been stored for 15-20 years, and before this used quite a lot.

    The car need some new parts and upgrades, and I am looking for these, and also tips for wich upgrads to go for!

    Hopefully there are some experience to draw on from on this forum, so please advice if possible (...and knowledgable :p) Any comments and thoughts are greatly appriciated, since information and what is needed is hard to get an overview on, online:

    1: Disc break convertion; there are many different kits available, and hard to know what to go for. Would like to upgrade the front drum breaks to power break disks at least, but also rear if recomended. What are the best and most sensable to go for? Pricerange up to $800 for all 4 wheels.. Advice?

    2: Balljoint/arm kit; Car is quite worn, so a complete kit for rebuilding the front (and possibly rear) ball joints, arms/buches, stearing joints etc. This to make it more steady and remove any "clunking" when driving.

    3: Steering:
    There are no power steering on this car. Are there any affordable convertion kits you would recomend, including power steering pump, rack, etc?

    4: Suspention/shock upgrade: There are air suspention in the back that is a little low, wich do not go up high even when filled with more air. Are there any upgrades for these, kits, also for the springs in the front? Recomendations?

    5: Front bumper, grill, fender, details:
    Are also looking for a good bumper, grill, left fender, and some details like emblem, lists etc. Where to get these second hand parts, with possible shipping to Norway? Any suggestions or recomendations?

    All parts need to be shipped to Norway, so need to be the right ones as sending it back for any reason would be expensive and problematic.
    Any other advice on upgrades to this car is also appriciated.
  2. gsfred

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    I have an NOS Grille, Headlight Doors, and lower fender Pot metal pieces, rear wheel skirts listed. Lots of other stuff.
  3. BuickGSrules

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    Feel free to contact me via pm, I am in Denmark and would help you. I know a few Norwegian Buick guys I could put you in contact with too.
  4. 67BS4DHT

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    PM sent to both of you. Thanks..

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