67 Wildcat Replacement Fuel Tank Recommendations?

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    Wasn't getting any fuel to the Wildcat, so I dropped the fuel tank and it was leaking from everywhere a the top of the tank near the straps. Also had very small holes where the tank pressed up against the trunk on the underbody.

    Any recommendations on where to source a good replacement tank? I'm also considering just upgrading to EFI. Any suggestions for a complete system? Been eyeballing the Holley Sniper System but have been hearing some interesting stories about issues with them and customer service.

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    My searches for a replacement tank have mirrored the Monty Python movie “Search for the Holy Grail,” but without the coconuts.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Wildcat restoration where many parts, gas tanks included, are not available in the aftermarket. Save yourself the trouble of searching and have your tank restored by gas tank renu (www.gastankrenu.com) or a similar company.
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    I was sitting over here searching the website all day thinking to myself “Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way…”

    I’ll check out gastankrenu.com
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