68-72 HVAC Vacuum Lines

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by LouV, Oct 24, 2018.

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    Does anyone know the sizes and lengths of all the vacuum lines from the heater control panel. I would like to replace them all. I know that I could take them all of and go to the parts store with them but I don't think I could ever get them back on again properly. Is there any section in the manuals that would have that? I haven't found anything like that yet.
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    They're of a very small diameter. The heater control valve hose is the same size. But all those hoses are color coded. Replacing them with just black hose is problematic because it's impossible to diagnose a problem when they're all the same color. I've never seen them go bad
  3. 12lives

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    X2 - The parts store vacuum lines are fatter and stiffer. Ask on the board here for a nice set. They should come already banded together correctly and it's an easy swap - just did mine! Note that two go through the firewall and you will have to fish those through the grommet.
    If you have a (A body) shop manual there are circuit diagrams in section 13.
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    Hey 12lives, I know this is a very old post and I apologize. When you say "Ask on the board here for a nice set"... How do I do that? Please excuse my ignorance :confused:
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    We have a "Parts Wanted" Forum. Just post your requests there.
  6. 12lives

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    Thank you both!!
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    I may still have a nice set of factory color coded hoses for your vacuum system. I'll take a look.

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