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    I am installing the origional QJ on my 68 400 motor. It had an Edelbrock 750 that was put on the O.E. intake. ??? why would you do that? Anyway I had a base gasket for the QJ but it appears it must be for a later model carb as the passageway in the front of the intake was partially exposed. So I need to pick up a gasket that covers everything I am sure, but I seem to rememebr that on early QJ's there was a thin metal plate that was in between the base gasket and the intake. My question is did Buick use this on the 68? I know on the nailhead QJ motors they did but I do not remember if they do on the 67 and up big blocks. Anybody have an answer for this one?
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    My buddies '68 GS400 just has a gasket and then the carb. He has the original carb and intake. Maybe someone else can chime in that knows more.
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    I have read about the plate on this site before, but, both '68 SportWagon 400's I've owned did not have them, nor do I think they ever did as both were pretty low mile cars, my current one being bought with 29,000 original miles and stored since 1983.

    For the correct gasket for the '68 big quads go to http://www.quadrajetparts.com/

    That is our very own Greg Gessler's website. Also give this page a view


    Call Greg and see what he has to say - AND LET US KNOW !!
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    If there's a groove in the carb mounting surface of the intake manifold that connects to the exhaust crossover passage, you'll need the HIGH TEMPERATURE gasket and sheetmetal shield. Gasket on manifold, sheetmetal shield on gasket, carb on sheetmetal shield.

    Chevrolet used this system through the '69 model year, Pontiac and Buick also used it, but I don't know the ending years. I'm not sure that Oldsmobile or Cadillac EVER used this system.

    I don't have a '68 Buick manifold to examine.
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    Fel-Pro part number 60057 is specific to '68, is open plenum and mounts carb to intake, no spacer.


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