68 Riviera Headlight help!

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    Hi Im new to the buick restoration world, I have been restoring cars for over 30 years and am having a hard time finding the vaccum canisters to make the headlights flip, I have done numerous ones for corvettes but IM having trouble finding any place to get the vaccum canisters or an electric conversion to flip the headlights over. I traditionally prefer to restore a car to full original but the headlights always flipped over is driving me crazzzzzzy.

    Can anyone give me some advice on sources for these parts? I really appreciate it, I love this car! I need help!!!!!

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    69 camaro ones are almost exact minor adjustments needed
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    Really I have been a chevy guy forever and I guees that goes in the duh da duh category I never even thought of that! Cool Im on it thank you very much Im really diggin restoring this Riv it is a coooool car for sure

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    Do a search here on v8buick Fred - this particular topic has been covered many times !!
    The vacuum headlight system in the '68/'69 Riviera can be a major P.I.T.A. to restore, all you need is one faulty component, or a vacuum leak to render the system useless.
    The shop manual covers trouble shooting the system pretty thoroughly, and will give you a better understanding of how it's supposed to work.
    . . . good luck ! :TU:
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    Thanks alot I really appreciate it the headlights are finicky on vettes too I do understand that, but I want the car right its a real honey !

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    Your right, I just looked them up and they are damn close what exactly do you need to adkust on them? The throw?

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    Here's a post by our board member in Libanon (I wonder what happened to Per :Do No:?):

    Jerry Hammer at GM Obsolete in Phoenix, AZ is selling new units for US$ 225.00 each:
    (a few years ago he was asking US$ 295.00 each):
    Click here :Comp:
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    To use the Camaro canisters, you have to cut the eyelet off the end of the actuator arm and weld a piece of 1/4-20 threaded rod on to it. You have to get the overall length just right too in order to have the necessary adjustment window for the full up and full down positions. The only issue with using the modified Camaro actuators is that they have 90 degree curved hose ends on the bottom. They almost contact the bumper. Its so close to the bumper, that putting the hose on is an issue.

    But...with the modification, they do work very well. As I said, they're on my green Riv for the past two years. No more one eyed wink in the morning and no more lazy operation.
  9. Briz

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    Did this to mine also. Had the dreaded lazy eye. I welded the 1/4 20 rod on but did not modify the inlets and outlets. I had a parts car and used the formed 90* fittings off that to make the connections point in the correct direction. the lights worked great. This week I replaced the headlight switch due to the dimmer not working anymore and the lights now work better than before. I used the corvette switch. nearly an exact fit.
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    has any one try electric head light w/ motorized arm ? I've seen a clip on you tube but its only ten sec & the guy who posted it don't show how or what he used, Ive seen older Honda with lights what flip just not sure how well it would work with out details???:ball:
  11. Briz

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    Would love nothing more than to convert it to electric actuators.

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