~70-72 Coupe Inner Sail Panel, Trunk Pan, Misc Metal

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    I have a very nice, rust free full floor pan for the 71-72 for $275.00 or I can take off the upper pan leaving all the support braces and lower trunk pan for only $200.00. Much better then a reproduction with this original GM used trunk floor. I can ship it with Greyhound or I can leave the full inner wheel houses for an extra $150.00 which then would have to go Truck Freight. I took off the support braces that ties from the quarter panel trunk side ledge to the wheel houses, those are $80.00 pair. Speaker tray with untouched speaker holes $100.00, this is from a 2 door coupe, a little different then the 4 door which I do have for $80.00 if needed. Rear inner sail panels, great for repairing the rusted side back glass areas. Will be taken off all spot welds, unique to this body only $175.00 pair or $100.00 a side, rust free. Rear inner quarter panel $75.00 each, door jamb support braces found on coupes and convertibles $60.00 each. Paypal gladly accepted, Joe 602-298-7090 or email me directly at vegaazbowties@aol.com

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