70-72 Fiberglass GS Cowl Induction Hood

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by mltdwn12, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Message sent.
  2. 1967 Big Buick

    1967 Big Buick One day at a time.

    How long is your list? I think I want one?....do I need it? No
    My want and Need angels are fighting
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  3. BrianTrick

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    You can see mine when you visit.
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  4. patwhac

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    For me, it's 50% I want it because it looks awesome and 50% I want it to clear a turbo hat/intercooler piping.

    Actually even if I was going NA I would still 100% want it because it looks awesome :cool:
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  5. TommyV

    TommyV Well-Known Member

    Haven’t checked the list in awhile, but I’m still looking forward to my turn!
  6. TommyV

    TommyV Well-Known Member

    Any updates?
  7. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Founders Club Member

    As was the case when I moved from AZ to WV a little over 3 years ago my estimate for how long it’d take me to get my shop up and running was way too optimistic anyway, I’ve been in Georgia about 4 months now and history repeats itself ! I built a new mold stand so I can work on the hood mold and underside mold at the same time. I could do this now that I have a lot more room to work! I’m almost through with emptying all my boxes in the shop. Doing some organizing now. I need to get an electrician out here to hook up my compressor to 220 volt then I’m about ready to purchase new resin and gelcoat and get back at it.




    Can't wait to see that hood on my car working hard to have my car ready when my turn comes
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  10. TommyV

    TommyV Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. I get it. Life happens!
  11. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    Does anyone know if this hood has more clearance than a Stage 2 scoop or which one does. I have this hood,but I have not made my Stage2 hood yet. Just trying to determine which car to put each hood on.
  12. bostongsx

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    Any updates?
  13. skydawg

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    I was wondering if I could be added to the list.
    Wondering if you had any approximate times frames and if you would require a deposit of kind.
  14. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Founders Club Member

    I added you to the list. I'm going to try and knock the majority of the list out but this coming summer. I don't require any kind of deposit, i just go by the list I have. I'll have to go through the names on there an see if anyone got tired of waiting on me.
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  15. mltdwn12

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    Finally things are about to get started again at CT Fiberglass :) At least this time the GA move only took 6 months to get the shop up to speed as opposed to the previous WV move that took almost a year! I just built a semi-permanent homemade spray booth/work area to contain the gel-coat and fiberglass nastiness. Now I have enough working room to have both molds that comprise one of the hoods on its own work table. No more moving them on and off, which takes time, room and potentially can damage the mold. The current shop also has a big propane heater in the ceiling, so no more waiting two hours to get the shop up to 65 degrees in the winter. Not to mention I'm assuming the winter here in GA won't be as cold as WV. Here's a few pics;

    This is the shop when we moved to GA in May. The shop is 100' x 56'. This front area is about 2/3 of the shop space. Two roll up doors behind me, a heater and a small bridge crane. I'm not sure if the crane is high enough to pull a motor from the GS though. That's part of the reason I utilized the frame work of about 2/3 of the crane frame work for my spray booth. I have an engine hoist for pulling motors if need be.


    Now the inside of my spray booth. Both molds on their own table and still a fair amount of working room! New supply of chemicals and stuff came in yesterday so I can get working this weekend.


    Here's the outside of the booth.


    So I'll get busy this weekend and see how things go, my goal is to try and get a hood out in two weeks. I'll be curious to see how much propane that heater eats up! The only remaining open item is the shipping boxes. I had 20 custom 2-piece boxes built that were 5' x 6' x 1' when I first started building hoods. They have all been used and unfortunately I can't find anyone in the Atlanta area to build me more boxes without charging $100-$200 a box! (I paid $15 each for the original boxes in Phoenix, which is why I never charged customers for the boxing) I may have to see if I can find the company that built the original 20 and see if there's any way to make it financially viable to have them build them and ship them east. Worst case is I'll have to buy 4x8 sheets of flat stock cardboard and wrap an 1x2 frame work.

  16. thebuick

    thebuick Well-Known Member

    very nice setup and great looking Hoods. My question is can you make the cutouts for the ram air ? and I can add in the grills. PM me if you would like. Thank you. Chris
  17. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Founders Club Member

    This is the start of the latest hood for board member sfish. My supplier did not have the usual gray gelcoat in stock, so I went with white. The underhood bracing is laid up and rough trimmed. I'll start laying glass on the hood mold tomorrow and complete that on Monday. Then make the parts for the hood hinge mounts and the metal for the hood latch area. Then start fitting the two pieces for eventual bonding together mid week. It really helps my efficiency having enough room now where I don't have to keep moving molds on and off the table. They each have their own table and they both fit in the work area!



  19. airmech67

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    Messages sent. Did I ever make it on the list?
  20. mltdwn12

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    I’ll double check today. I need to take my spreadsheet and update the first page of this thread.
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