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    Hey folks... Looking for a 70-72 Skylark 4 door for a daily driver. 4 Door Hardtop is preferred, but not a deal breaker. A/C car wold be good, but also not a deal breaker. Tattered and weathered is better, rust is ok but I'm not looking for a rusty car if that makes sense. Something with a decent interior and thats driveable is what I'm after. Also, in Florida would be good as well. Thanks!!!
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    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    I'm planning to sell my '72 Skylark 4-door in the next couple of months as soon as I can get around to tidying up a few small details and take some current photos so I can post it on eBay. After reading the stuff below you can send me a PM or email me directly at buquick@comcast.net you if you are interested.

    I bought it in 2004 with 25k miles on it and used it as a daily driver for many years (I have a short commute) and it now has 65k miles (might be 66k I can't remember for sure). However I've bought 2 more cars in the last few years that alternate as daily drivers for me now and this car now just sits in the garage. I need to sell it so the other daily driver can be parked inside. It's very reliable and I would not be afraid to drive it from Nashville to FL tomorrow.

    Has PS, A/C, 50% of the Burnished Copper paint is original, wears it's original Dark Brown vinyl top, saddle vinyl interior in excellent condition.

    At 56,300 miles the following work was done to the car:
    Converted the original manual drum brakes to correct power discs up front, everything was done properly and it looks 100% factory installed including a correct "Buick Disc Brakes" pedal pad
    Replaced the rubber brake hoses but also all of the steel brake lines along the frame and across the rear end.
    Both lower ball joints
    Lower control arm bushings replaced both sides
    Sway bar bushings and end links replaced
    New front shocks
    Front end alignment
    Swapped the original 14" wheels and full hubcaps with a set of 15" x 7" steel wheels, a set of NOS poverty caps (that had some dings and were not show worthy but perfect for a driver car like this) and a new set of P215 Good Year ComforTread tires.
    The original 2 barrel intake & carb were swapped with a correct '72 model intake, carb, fuel line and air cleaner from another '72 Skylark.
    Serviced the transmission with new fluid and filter and also swapped the trans pan for one with a drain plug
    New spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, coil & points
    Lubed the Speedo cable

    Other items previously done:
    Single exhaust was replaced with 2" dual exhaust
    Replaced fuel gauge sending unit (found a perfect condition build sheet for the car on top of the tank btw)
    Replaced steering wheel with a correct '72 model deluxe style (I needed the original Batwing wheel for another project)
    Swapped the original 3 core radiator for a 4-core Harrison radiator from a '69 GTO I had (I wanted the original radiator for a Stage 1 project car)

    It's not a perfect car and it has a few small issues but I always enjoy driving it and it is very reliable and I'd say it has many more years of good service left in it. There is a little bit of rust in the lower fender, some rust in the RH rear lower quarter, and some rust around the trunk lock.

    Here is a thread I started about the car when I bought it in 2004 with 25k miles:

    If you are interested I can get some more photos of the car.

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    nice car Gary!

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