'70 Electra in local Pic-N-Pull

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by Dano, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Dano

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    Lot of good metal on that car. Can't quite see the rockers and quarters but it's Baltimore so there likely isn't much left down there. Dash is solid, surprising. First year 455 could be worth the cost of the car alone, didn't see a price listed though...
  3. Dano

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    I can check it out if anyone wants anything.
  4. If it's a 2 door I'm looking for the passenger fender
  5. Dano

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    The car is probably gone by now. 2-door & 4-door fenders are different?
  6. Yes, the four fenders are shorter than the 2 door, from what I understand.... I don't believe they're the same
  7. pbr400

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    Front clip is the same. Rear quarters (obviously) are different.
  8. Just to be sure, the front clip is the same as the four door and two door? On a 70 Buick Electra 225?
  9. pbr400

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  10. Well thank you very much brother!
    ✊Good to know
  11. Dano

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    I'll see if it's still there but surely if it is it's been picked over.
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  12. Ok
  13. 68 Wildcat

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    Link says the car is gone.
  14. Thanks for checking ✊

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