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    Nice car and great find, love reading the story. The interior in the 2019 pic above looks like a different type of buckets that seam to be black, is there a story there or am I seeing things.
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    Good eye. Yes the seats are different in the 2019 photo. Among all of the other modifications that were done to the car over the years I forgot to mention that the 4th owner (of 30+ years) removed the front seats and replaced them with black Procar A-body rally buckets. The headrests were removed but included with pile of stuff I received. He also had the rear seat back and bottom recovered with black vinyl and the whole thing was hideous. Thankfully I received the original front seats and the original rear seat covers so the very first thing I did when I took possession of the car was remove the front and rear seats, took the rear seats to a local upholstery shop to have the correct original brown covers put back on, and then once reinstalled put the correct original front seats back in.

    He literally changed as much on this car as he could without butchering it and I received all of the original correct take-off stuff so I have spent the last 16 months putting it all back the way it is supposed to be. I have not reached out to the 4th owner yet but I plan to once everything is completed and I am half-expecting him to flip out on me because I will have reversed just about everything he did to the car over the course of three decades lol.

    The one modification he did that I will not reverse is the addition of a tachometer in place of the rallye clock (which I have). I like that and will leave as-is.
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    Finally got my hands on the correct carb for my GS. Took me 6 months to make happen. Drove 5 hours and paid out the a$$ but it was worth it. Literally the only original, correct piece I was missing. Car was built 02/17/70.

    And I am not even going to use it lol, I just want to have it to go with the car. Had a 7040240 built to Stage 1 specs and modified with an electronic choke (which the car was already wired for from the previous carb setup). I am using an updated MSD electronic distributor along with a modern alternator and starter so these small parts will just sit in boxes for the next owner.

    Got this pic from my restoration guy last week. After a few more small things it will be ready for fluids and test miles. Hoping to have it back this week or next :)

    * had to order 8mm wire looms from TA Performance because the 7mm looms I had won't work. Once they come in the wire routing will look a little more correct...
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