71 Riviera Window Regulators

Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by crazyjackcsa, May 24, 2006.

  1. crazyjackcsa

    crazyjackcsa Big and Untame

    I'm trying feverishly to get the Riviera back together, and have hit a major road block: The Power Windows. Basically here is my problem: There is too much "play" in the regulators to properly adjust them. I cen set it so the whole window is within a 1/4 of an inch front to back. Basically the back goes up about an 1/8th of an inch to far and there is a gap at the front. Not a big deal but he window can be puched into place using the "play" in the worn out regulator. Is there anyway to refurb it or get a new one?

    The second problem is the the rear quarter window. The window regulator follows a "track" with a plastic wheel sitting in that track, My plastic wheel is broken, and the window will fall out of the track, any ideas' if I can scavange a rear quarter window reg off of something else, or even get the wheel of of some other car?
  2. jhems17

    jhems17 Well-Known Member

    Did you ever get your window problem straightened out? I'm having issues with my windows as well. 71 Riviera.
  3. Patsusedparts

    Patsusedparts Well-Known Member

    Is this issue still in play? I recall that I found a Pontiac window guide wheel written up as an alternate part for this. I bought a couple way back then, but my car is still in pieces so I can't comment on how well it works. If you guys need it, I can go through my storage and find what it was and where I bought it. Let me know Thanks
  4. 66electrafied

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    If you take a look at the date the OP posted this 14 years ago, and the first reply was a year ago. I don't think you're going to get much of a response.
  5. Patsusedparts

    Patsusedparts Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know. But you never know when an email might just get someone to restart a long stalled restoration. Sometimes we just need a little push. ;)
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  6. crazyjackcsa

    crazyjackcsa Big and Untame

    Wow. Haven’t checked out this board in years.

    No. Never figured out anything that really worked year one sells some stuff, but there are a couple different sliders and wheels in there that seem to need to wear together.
  7. newmexguy

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    Noticed o'Reillys had a carded "generic" GM roller assortment in their "help" section last time was in there. Guessing those have not been used since the late nineties trucks ('99-'00)
  8. DemCheeks

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    Does anyone know what this is? I having the darnedest time.

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  9. johnnyboy

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    That's a simple guide mechanism that keeps the window in place and limits its travel.
  10. jhems17

    jhems17 Well-Known Member

    I just re checked this. I have a block of solid plastic. I've cut nd molded replacement pieces for the windows. I'm nervous to put the track on since last time I did it I cracked a wheel since the alignment was off. My main issue is all the window shops in my area wont touch my car cause its a "classic" what happened to professionals? Especially here in SoCal where classic cars are King.

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