71 Skylark Gs Convertible quarters

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by danp76, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. danp76

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    Hi guys, my wheel arches are rotted on my 71 convertible. The rest of the quarter is great, however I need to cut the outer quarter to access rust on the outer wheelhouse. Have you guys used coupe quarter panels on a convertible? I don't think they make convertible outer wheelhouses either, I might have to use ones made for a coupe. Thanks guys!
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  2. 69 GS 400

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    Hi. I noticed your kit is for the car with the optional " special " chrome molding that goes at the top of the door and quarter. Hard to tell from the photo of your car but I don't see it
  3. Dano

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    Start with the thread below. Read Duane's post on page 1. Lots of threads on here that touch on the subject. The problem with that car (& mine) is that they cut the quarter back way too high up. I believe that if you splice them as far down as possible (a few inches above the wheel arch) that it's doable to retain the correct shape - I've compared them but don't recall exactly how high the change starts but it's not much so it may depend how far you have to go on the wheelhouse. If it's just the lip you should be ok. You may be able to access it from inside as well & not have to cut your quarter except for what's rusty depending on how bad the wheelhouse is. Not the most fun position to work from, but... The top part of the wheelhouse on a convertible is also different than a hardtop. Again, the change starts not very far above the arch.


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