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  1. 71rivera

    71rivera Platinum Level Contributor

    So.... I got the boat tail bug.
    I drove 600 mi to get my 71', on the way back home, a neighbor saw the car on the trailer and said "I wish I knew you were looking for one of those!" So I bought his 73' (amazing shape), and now I recently completed the set with a 72' I found not too far away.
    They all need something. Exterior door handles, fiber optic turn signal indicator "light pipe", sheet metal, gas tank on the 71'.....
    Does anybody have a source for that type of stuff? I struck out with OPGI.
    Tri-shield is building an engine for me and I want to get the 71' drop in ready for spring!
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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  2. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    I have a set of door handles . Also header panel , Hood , Front fenders but it would probably be too expensive to ship .PM me
  3. 73Electra 225

    73Electra 225 Well-Known Member

    The lamp indicators are called Vigilite I think. Best bet if you are looking for the whole setup is ebay and salvage yards. If you have the indicators but the optic lines are gone, cut, etc. you could probably cannibalize one from any other make that used them or just get some actual fiber optic cable and make new ones yourself.
  4. 71rivera

    71rivera Platinum Level Contributor

    Vigilite.... I always wondered what the proper name was!
    I did find that it is the optic line that was cut(and put back together with a wire nut :) )
    I will have to get some measurements and do some looking online for the right size cable.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    People think its a wire . How putting it together with a wire nut would help I don't know and neither did they I guess . The idea is the optic cable has to be put together END to END as that's what transmits the light . I've thought about putting Shrink tube over it and pushing the cables together and then shrinking the tube . I never got around to trying it .
  6. Steve Schiebel

    Steve Schiebel Well-Known Member

    I'm not positive it's the same or correct material but, my TV and stereo receiver have Digital Audio (Optical) jacks/ports that accept same type cable. TV's port emit light beam that is visibly emitted out end of cable into receiver's port. If this type cable would work, the advantages are that it's readily available from many sources and is highly flexible. Downside is whether it's available in the long lengths you'd need. There's probably sources for bulk spools of it though.
  7. 73Electra 225

    73Electra 225 Well-Known Member

    Toslink cable might work. Networking fiber cable like 62.5/125 (see below) would probably work too. Less than $30 on Amazon will get you more than enough cable I think.

  8. 71rivera

    71rivera Platinum Level Contributor

    Thanks guys! Those are the same style fiber jumpers we install for communications in the oil filed out here in North Dakota! I never thought about trying them.
    I found some bigger stuff on a low voltage lighting website.

    The heat shrink might do the trick if I can cut out the damaged section and polish up the mating ends.
    Maybe even a little epoxy for added strength before the heat shrink goes on...
    I like the idea of fixing what is there, but it might be fun to try a little of this stuff.


    I guess they use it for artsy lighting, sculptures, and even underwater lighting.
    They even show it on the dash of a car !

    When spring rolls around, I might have to give that a try.
  9. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Gabe . To really appreciate those light monitors it has to be really dark out . But I'm sure in ND it will be dark enough . Seems like around the cities and with street light illumination they don't do too much .
  10. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor

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  11. 71rivera

    71rivera Platinum Level Contributor

    Ya, it has to be pretty dark to see them, but they have always intrigued me since I was a kid riding in grandpa's Cadillac- they seemed to futuristic.
    I might have to try some of the more modern fiber and maybe re-route the source end to the front of the front of the headlight instead of the back of the housing.
    Jurassic had several parts I was looking for!
    Thanks Chris!
  12. johnnyboy

    johnnyboy Active Member

    Please let everyone know if you find a source for a new '71 Riviera fuel tank. I'm only aware of a reproduction '73 Riv tank, which has the filler pipe in a different location.
  13. garybuick

    garybuick Time Traveler

    thats what i do too. first i buy the car then i find out if parts are available.
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  14. 71rivera

    71rivera Platinum Level Contributor

    HAHA! I'm glad I'm not the only one...
    Now I have started buying cars to use for parts and then deciding that they are too nice to cut up and "I might fixed it up one day"
    Good thing we live in out in the country so there is room to store things.
    I guess part of the thrill of this hobby is the hunt and the dreaming.
    One project at a time.
  15. 71rivera

    71rivera Platinum Level Contributor

    I know this is an old thread, but I just got a stainless fuel tank for my 72' Riviera and thought I would share...
    Rock Valley Antique & Street Rod had a pattern on hand. Lead time was 6 weeks. $895 + $50 SH. Spendy for sure, but I figure it will last and by the time I was done prepping and repairing the rusted tank I had, I would still be left wondering if I got the baffles coated with sealer?
    I have another car that will get the "fixed" tank and will be able to compare the two.
    The tank looks like it is pretty well built. I'm guessing it is about twice the weight of the factory tank.
    I requested a 1/2" pick-up, but I think they normally do 3/8". They also have a spot to bolt in a Ford sending unit.
    It was packaged great, came with mounting straps.
    The straps are just formed pieces of stainless strap with straight ends, I guess you have to form the ends to work with your car. Shouldn't be a big deal, but I'm not sure why this isn't done at the factory. (fitment issues???)
    Also, it came with no filler neck. There are a couple tack weld bumps on the filler inlet that makes me think you are supposed to use a piece of hose to connect a filler neck.
    I called in my order and was not told I needed to buy a neck separately. For $900 I assumed it would be complete and bolt it ready.

    Just got off the phone with Rock Auto.
    They said that it is too hard to get the filler neck in exactly the right spot, so that's why they have guys use their old one mated up with rubber hose.
    If the old one is not re-usable, they will make you one for $60.
    The straps are not bent because they moved a year ago and lost the sample straps they use for a pattern.
    Sending unit is a universal 5 bolt pattern and I will ohm out my old one to see if it is 0-30 ohm or 0-90 ohm.

    The tank looks great to me and the guys were nice to deal with, if I had known ahead of time that I needed to re-use my old filler neck, I still would have ordered it, it just bugs me that I DIDN'T know. 20200820_170035.jpg 20200820_170035.jpg 20200820_170141.jpg 20200820_170213.jpg 20200820_170221.jpg

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