73 Riviera vs Nova

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    I was bench racing with some of my fellow gear heads at work last week and we were talking about the large torque numbers that Buick 455 puts out in stock form. I had to tell them of a encounter I had when I owned a 73 Riviera about 35 years ago.
    I was on my way to work in the Riv one afternoon and was stopped at a light. I heard a rumble pull up next to me, I looked over and there was an early 70's Nova with three teenagers all looking at me and revving the engine. The driver points his finger down the road as to ask if I want to run em. I just smiled and put the TH400 in low and proceeded to brake torque just a little. When the light turned green the little Nova pulled out by just a bumper, then the Buick torque started to overcome the 2+ tons it was pushing. The Riv caught the Nova and the very surprised young guys, just as the rear tire of the Riviera was at the Nova's driver window I shifted to 2nd and the Riv barked the tires and pulled away even faster.
    We came up to the next light and the Nova pulls up next to me and the driver asks "what do you have in that thing"? I replied Buick torque!
    When the light turned green this time I really brake torqued and left them in a cloud of tire smoke!
    I still like to think that left a message to the young Chevy guys not to mess with Buick torque!
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    :cool: maybe you made a Buick man out those kids.
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