9 3/8" rear differences

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    So only the guts work together? Does the housing fit is my main question
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    Correct I just swapped 3.42 posi guts from a 68gs into my 70 Estate wagon. The bearings are actually different and had a hard time finding new ones for the wagon. We ended up leaving my axle bearings in place. The 68riv uses sealed bearings..
    Btw I now have 68 gs axles, a 9-3/8 open carrier and 2.73 gears if anyone is interested

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    Anyone know tbe factory gear ratios available for the 71-76 8.875 ? I was told 3:73 was available but the best iv found is 3:42.. any one heard any updates on 3:55 fabtech?
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    I looked at the 1975 Buick Chassis Manual on Team Buick,


    Looks like the 8 7/8 highest numerical gear was 3.23?

    You can go look at the various Chassis Manuals on Team Buick,


    1971, 72, 73, 74, and 75 are there.
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    Here is an interesting bit of info I discovered on the 8.875 .. 1/2 ton 73-87 square body trucks run the same carrier and have deeper gears.. of course the axle spline is different. But a good source for gears for these.. id imagine there is a case break for 3:42

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