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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by WQ59B, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. WQ59B

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    General question : pulling my '64 O/T car's motor for rebuilding. Has factory A/C. Low pressure port hisses softly, so maybe there's vestigial freon left - years ago when it last ran the A/C didn't cool.

    Thinking before I throw too much money out the window on my (unplanned) rebuild, I would just not re-hook up the A/C. Also, want to freshen up the engine bay while the motor is out, and the hoses/compressor sure would be better on a shelf for that.

    Is it advisable to disconnect & remove the compressor & the hose to the condenser and to the blower? Would I then get a suitable tight cap for each to keep the system relatively clean? I assume because of the age of the system and the last time it ran, I'd be looking at a full bore test/service anyway if I wanted to run the A/C.

    Or should I just put everything back in its place?
  2. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    At least put tape over all the connections. When you put it back together replace all 0 rings with blue or green type. When it’s filled there are some changes you have to make to use R134. Chances are good some parts are no good or leak. Old AC systems are not for the faint or the poor. Just not worth it in my opinion for how much they get used.
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    Unless you live in a state where it is above 75 degrees most of the year. When I was looking nation wide last year, I wouldn't give a second thought to a car without AC, or that had all of the AC parts removed. My 69's currently does not work, but has everything there to either fix or upgrade it this summer.
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  4. copperheadgs1

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    I’ve dealt with old AC systems for years. I came to the conclusion they just are not worth the time, money and effort.
  5. rkammer

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    Well, down here in sunny Florida we have great cruising and car shows all throughout the year. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I could never, enjoy my GS without a functioning A/C system. We have folks down here who still can make a factory system work properly with Vintage Air always an option. BTW, it will be about 93 here today with possible records beaning set in several areas. :D
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    If u owned an LS6 1970 Chevelle, which could not be ordered with a/c, what would u do in Fla summer heat? Install Vintage Air or just wind down the windows?
  7. telriv

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    IF the vehicle came from the factory with A/C, which is kinda rare for '59, personally I would leave the system in place & NOT dis-connect anything. There is NO WAY that you can tape up/plug anything that will NOT get moisture into the system I don't are how well you seal it up. IF you do remove it when in time you would like to get the system working again you will end up with more more work to get the system up & running again.
    In the past I did a complete restoration on my Dad's '72 Skylark. I took the system completely out of the vehicle with everything still hooked up. Didn't crack a line or fitting. Put it all back together & only had to add less than a pound of R12 & we were back in business.

    Tom T.
  8. FLGS400

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    Those are sweet.

    Honestly, I would probably not drive it unless it was cooler out (below 75F). I have a 74 Malibu, that is a factory no-AC/manual trans car. If it wasn't for the fact that it has been in my family since it was new, I would have probably sold it years ago. If and when I ever get around to putting it back on the road, I will get a Vintage Air or similar system to put in it.

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