Ac alternator brackets pulleys

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  1. richard62

    richard62 New Member

    Thanks larry70gs for the articles and info
    The number on my bracket don’t match any
    I’ve got a 1235836 there is no number stamped on the alternator bracket and the slot is nothing like any in your pictures

    Is there anyone out there that can add to the correct mounting brackets fir a 1970 Buick 350 ac and alternator

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  2. Matt Knutson

    Matt Knutson Well-Known Member

    Are you quite sure that there are no numbers stamped into the slotted bracket? Sometimes there are just the last three and sometimes the stamping is light.
  3. richard62

    richard62 New Member

    I don’t see them but it’s got to correct if I was to go any further I’d hit the ac compressor and that’s when it starts bringing the belt back down to the pulley I have a 350 so I’m not sure what number pulleys I’m supposed to have
    There’s two brackets with three holes at the bottom of the compressor they were only held on by one bolt each then they mounted it with one of the other holes
    it was jacked up and off set but it worked and both belts engaged the alternator I’m assuming I have those mounted right I’ve got it aligned and both brackets bolted correct 2 bolts each and one in front one in rear
  4. richard62

    richard62 New Member

    l went to a different part of the car, but now i am back because the cars tags are going out next month and in Texas it has to pass inspection first
    The belts were engaging both pulleys when purchased it BUT the ac Compressor was askew and the reason for that was there are two Boomerang shaped brackets with three holes each one goes in front one in the rear of the compressor
    the Previous owner had one hole bolted to the mount and one bolted to the compressor I have it what I think is correct the two outer holes bolted to the square flange on the compressor and the center hole used for the mount. the center hole is at the peak of the boomerang shape which lifts the compressor up That is what's causing the belt to not engage the alternator pulley

    What am I doing wrong

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