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  1. alleyyooper

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    Got a extra $1000 or even $500 and you don't know where to spend it?
    Sloan Museum in Flint is under going a huge reovation, so has moved the cars to the old JC Pennys store in the nearly empty Cortland Mall Burton Michigan. It is Just off I 69 at the Center road Exit

    They are advertising that you can adopt Buicks and some Chevys for the above stated amount. You will have a placard with your name on it for the public who pay to tour the set up can see it for a full year.

    Oh the 53 Skylark protype has all ready been adopted.
    Maybe the Michigan Buick club did it.

    :D Al
  2. sriley531

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    They want $1,000 to "adopt" a 1976 chevette?? I'm pretty sure you could buy the 5 remaining ones on Earth that actually run for that, and still have gas money to drive them to the scrap yard where they belong and have a nice lunch afterward.
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  3. 1970BlackBird

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    No-one wanted to adopt the Caprice? Poor old thing.

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