AFB Carb on a 425 Nailhead

Discussion in 'Carter' started by JD Martinson, Feb 8, 2014.

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    The hoses are hooked up backwards. The hose going to the PCV has the brake booster fitting & steel line. The booster has the fitting for the PCV.
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    FIXED! Thx again for keepin me "straight". I do appreciate your guidance as I admittedly don't have very much knowledge in this arena, as you can clearly see.
  3. JD Martinson

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    QUESTION: If the engine's running great, but the transmission won't shift out of 1st gear, what could be causing this problem?

    I have checked and rechecked for vacum leaks and found none.

    Any suggestion or recommendations?

    DISREGARD... the vacuum line at the trans module was torn. Replaced it w/a brand new one and she's shifting thru all gears now.
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