AMD Parts Place Repop 70-72 RH Fenderwell

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by BrianTrick, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    AF2E7750-9DDE-482C-BB84-0A5B72E5EACB.jpeg 250332C2-BF7C-4FD7-B670-A94900F68687.jpeg 2A1B9A25-9453-436F-A7CC-C501CDEDE0C9.jpeg 8F015C7F-D6A8-4506-9D52-921E35D8DEED.jpeg 4734C0AB-9324-4009-A1FE-B0E336C1C12D.jpeg 550B222C-CB64-4C5A-B714-E1FEA69404C6.jpeg F183D4DE-46CF-462C-9B9B-96ABD1053B26.jpeg E7C61D01-55AC-4BCC-9404-FF775B55DAF9.jpeg B89FC2AE-6373-4035-ACEE-017003C40EBC.jpeg D4558C13-74A1-4599-934D-9D084118EEE6.jpeg I know there are some of you,like me,that would like to see a part in their hands,to see what it is really like,rather than one generic file photo picture. I went ahead and bought one of these repop RH fenderwells mostly out of curiousity,so I know if I still need to find perfect GM,or one of these will do.
    If you guys want to see anything particular,let me know.
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  2. dl7265

    dl7265 No car then Mopar

    Taiwan for the win. It's a beautiful part. Wish they made more pieces. 68/69 inners and core supports.
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  3. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    What is your take on overall quality??
  4. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    The metal is thinner,so it is a little lighter for those weight-weenies. I don’t like the wrinkles,as the originals did not have those.
    I think I would want to blend those areas with some icing,or something,to mellow them out. You would see the one area after it is installed.
    It would actually be better if they made a LH to match. Putting one of these in,with an OEM on the other side,would contrast each other.
  5. DBS

    DBS Well-Known Member

    I haven't played with one personally, but it's my understanding on good authority that when the bolts @ the top are tightened, it pulls the fender out of alignment and needs to be shimmed, which leaves a visible gap where it meets underhood. This was on a car that aligned perfectly and when the inner fender was replaced, it wouldn't line up again with the same fender until those bolts were loosened.

    Maybe there's a workaround or this isn't correct &/or AMD fixed the problem as it is a beautiful piece.
  6. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    Another thing to mention is the integrated square nuts for the outer wheel well have a different thread pitch,compared to OEM.
  7. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    Depends on which year your talking about Brian.. Flint and GMAD used both 5/16-18 and 5/16-10 over the years, so it depends on what year, and to some extent where it was built. Those who pay attention to such things more than I do can expound on this better than me, but as I recall, Flint used the -10 thread, and GMAD used the -18, especially after 70...

    The PP inner fender has 5/16-18 weld nuts in all locations. No problem getting the correct fasteners. Buy a box of 50 from AMK for the good price. Plenty of places to use those 5/16-18 bolts.

    I find it hard to believe that someone had one of these inner fenders pulling the outer out of alignment with the hood.. sounds more like a passenger side fender that was welded together wrong, and jacking the outer up with shims on the inner would help that.

    I used about half a dozen of these, from when they came out, up to a couple years ago, had no fit issues at all, and the average GS guy is never going to notice an AMD/OE combo right/left... only if your anal and start sticking your head in places it should not be, looking for things, will you notice it. You do need to paint them both with the same paint.

    and I have one of those mini baseball bats the Major league teams used to give out.. works well on anal, nosy spectators.
  8. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    Thanks for that info Jim. I was wondering about the differences in plants. It’s the same thing with my Oldsmobiles. Different plants had different types of hardware,head markings,etc.
    I just set this repop next to an OEM,and noticed the threads were different. Hey,at least they aren’t metric. The OEM RH fenderwell does have similar wrinkles in the formation,so yes,I think once it is all said & done,I will be fine. It fits good. The LH fenderwells don’t have as many wrinkles,as they are formed different in the front,and don’t have as much flat area to make room for a battery. In the end,I think the thickness of the metal is the only real noticeable difference. I would buy one again,if needed.
  9. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Jim, the example that I was told of was from a well known Buick restorer and was of a car where the same fender was used & required no repair - Not even paint IIRC and only the RF Inner (& maybe core support) was being replaced. Maybe he'll chime in here. I'm pretty good with Front end sheetmetal but have not messed one personally, so I was only passing along info that was shared with me. It may also be possible when "fixing" fenders to account for any differences in the RF inner if they exist. I'll find out first hand hopefully before too long. Been a while - I thought I'd sworn off projects:).

    I'm planning on doing a detailed write-up for the site on the next set of fenders I slice & dice & on aligning front end sheetmetal in general and will certainly try an AMD inner fender as is. Maybe I'll even try a core support for the heck of it.

    I hope the RF inner works perfectly and in no way am I trying to diss AMD here. It would save a bunch of work if it does fit perfectly!
  10. alain

    alain Well-Known Member

    :)Just put one in my car .Went in fairly smoothly is a good part;)
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  11. 12lives

    12lives You die once. You live every day.

    Is the EDP coating just a primer? Do you guys paint it? If so, with what?
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  12. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    In my opinion,just a cheap coating for shelf life. I took this one,and my LH,and had them blasted & powder-coated 60%gloss black,comparable to GM black.
  13. 12lives

    12lives You die once. You live every day.

  14. 12lives

    12lives You die once. You live every day.

    Back in stock at Parts Place!
  15. 72 goat herder

    72 goat herder Well-Known Member


    Is this the Parts Place Catalog item that you referenced?

    TPP Number: BP10729S

    ie: is it the same AMD part that Brian wrote about? AMD P/N 250-6470-R

  16. 12lives

    12lives You die once. You live every day.

    I believe so - BP 10729S. I am supposed to get mine Friday so we will see. Ordered it in June last year!
  17. 72 goat herder

    72 goat herder Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. I would be interested in your thoughts on the part, once you receive it. I am on the fence whether to repair mine with the available patch panel or to go the repop route.
  18. 12lives

    12lives You die once. You live every day.

    OK - finally had time to open the box - yup, it comes in a big box. Shipping was $155 to Virginia:
    Came wrapped in bubble:
    As shown above its a nice piece. I did not weigh it - if I have time I will compare the old and new, but it felt about the same. Here are some comparisons:
    IMG_0637.JPG IMG_0638.JPG IMG_0639.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0642.JPG IMG_0643.JPG IMG_0644.JPG IMG_0645.JPG IMG_0646.JPG Next:
  19. 12lives

    12lives You die once. You live every day.

    More pics: IMG_0647.JPG IMG_0648.JPG IMG_0649.JPG IMG_0650.JPG IMG_0651.JPG IMG_0652.JPG IMG_0653.JPG IMG_0654.JPG

    As Brian mentioned, the front has wrinkles. That is maybe the biggest downside, but I don't think with the battery etc in many folks will notice. Also several small holes for wire clamps etc are missing and likely dependent on the original factory as to their location. I feel comfortable using the repop as the holes should be in the right place and the endorsement from Jim and Brian above. Also, I am concerned about how close an alignment you can get with the repair kit.
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  20. Duane

    Duane Member

    Yes the location for the holes "piercings" depended on the year and option load the car had.

    As far as the patch panels, you could get a perfect alignment with them if you fitted everything correctly. Years ago I made a "jig" to align them up. You mounted the inner fender and patch panel in the jig, trimmed them to fit, and started welding.

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